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Books... [Oct. 13th, 2009|07:53 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

During the three months in Berlin I read about half a book.
In the last six weeks I read eleven. I think I'm getting back into the swing ^ ^
Good ones too. I really liked "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Neale Hurston and "The Bell Jar" by Silvia Plath. This week I'm trying to finish "Lives of Girls and Women" by Alice Munro, which I've borrowed from Curry quite some time ago.
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Summer Internship [Apr. 16th, 2009|02:11 pm]
[Current Location |University of Zurich]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

I just got a call from Berlin. I've got my summer internship for sure! I'll be helping out in the marketing department of NoemaLife, a company that develops software for the medical sector. I'm looking forward to this a lot. The offices are in the heart of Berlin, only a few steps away from the river Spree and basically around the corner of Amur. I'll be working in a small team of quite young and motivated people. The firm (although the Berlin section has roughly 30 employees by now), still has a bit of a start-up feel to it. They have table-soccer tournaments, casual fridays and team breakfast once a week. I'll start in May and stay for three months. I even get a small salary, so I can pay my hosts some rent.

I'm really, really happy with how this turned out. :-)
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Happier Times [Apr. 9th, 2009|09:00 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Garra playing Nirvana]

Things are looking up :-) I'm in Berlin with my lion and Garra. I arrived on Tuesday and spent the night at Amur's place, so Mafi could concentrate on his important exam. The tiger showed himself to be an excellent host and the time at his place was very relaxed and enjoyable. We did some minor party planning with Tabalon on Tuesday night and went to bed rather late. The next morning we enjoyed a few hours of lazing around before getting up, having a nice breakfast and a walk to his workplace. It's beautiful, now that spring has finally come and the trees are green with fresh leaves. A great walk too - you cross the river Spree about three times in total. It doesn't get much more picturesque than that in a city of that size.

Job-wise, things seem not quite as bleak as described in my last post. From the first five tentative applications for summer internships, I got three invitations for interviews. Two of them will take place this Tuesday - wish me luck! Even mega-bank UBS let me pass to the second stage after I filled in one of their online application forms. I'll have to take an online numerical and verbal skills test tomorrow. Could be interesting :-)

On an even more positive note: my lion passed his exam! I'm extremely happy for him (and proud of him). Now we're looking forward to Saturday even more. One more reason to celebrate. The other three are the birthdays of Amur, Tabalon and MafunDi. With more than forty guests and about two wagonloads' worth of food and drinks, it should be a memorable party indeed :-)

Oh, and happy Easter to you lovely people ^ ^
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Finally: the FURRY.CH webportal is ready! [Feb. 5th, 2009|06:42 pm]
[Current Location |my room]
[mood |contentcontent]

I'm back from Berlin, where I spent almost a fortnight with my beloved mate mafundi. We met up with a lot of lovely people like tabalon, amurussuri, riffuchs or kebijackal. Going to Berlin is starting to feel like coming home. MafunDi's parents are very hospitable, especially his mother, who almost treats me like her own son.

The highlight of my visit was the trip to Manker, a small village in the scarcely populated plains of Brandenburg. Harry Bunny's parents are renovating a huge old house as their retirement project. It still looks mostly like a construction site - most rooms are not renovated yet, there is no central heating and the only room with running water is a tiny bathroom. After MafunDi had invested three days of almost non-stop hard work install a basic electricity infrastructure (before that, all cords had been plugged into one single distribution box), we felt it safe to heat up the house electrically. We blew one Megawatthour into the house, warming it from a chilly 4°C to more than 20°C. We ate Fondue, drank mulled wine and jammed on keyboard and guitars. I had the pleasure to finally meet the talented garra_fija. He showed me a few techniques on the guitar. I really feel motivated to play, and get better, now!

One of my "eternal projects" finally seems to come to a successful end: The furry web-portal Furry.ch is ready for launch. Thanks a lot to MafunDi - I couldn't have made this without you! It's Joomla-based and has all the interactive features I missed so sadly on my trusty old, handwritten Swissfurs website. Users can sign up and create profiles, write articles, add their own event notices, browse the foto gallery and post in the forum. There's still room for improvement (The banner on the top is kind of improvised and there's no English language version) but I say we're ready to go!

Back to work... some papers need to be written :-)
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"I typed it into Google" [Jul. 15th, 2008|05:26 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

At the last Roundtable pub-meet I met a very nice girl I hadn't seen before. Despite her fursona being a shark, she turned out to be very sociable and friendly. It turned out that she was a resident of Oerlikon and lived just a few blocks away from the pub.

When I asked her, how she had found our odd little group, she smiled and said: "I simply typed 'furry' and 'Schweiz' into Google".
I checked - it really works. My old website-project, http://www.swissfurs.ch is on rank two. (Our recent convention being rank rank 1).

Now I'm somewhere between happy and concerned. I spent some of the evening updating the agenda, adding photos, re-writing text and finally writing up a German definition for "furry". I was actually going to replace swissfurs.ch by a brand-new, interactive portal at furry.ch sometime this summer, but now that things are halfway working and we even get a decent search-engine ranking, I'm almost reluctant ;-)
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Blast From the Past [Apr. 17th, 2008|08:10 pm]
[Current Location |Modest Mouse - Black Cadillacs]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

After nine months, I finally get to see Khaycen again tomorrow. He's in Zurich, seeing a customer. It's slightly ironic that it should be his business obligations, the one thing that had blighted all our attempts of meeting up in this long time, should bring him back into my vicinity. But I'm not complaining, of course.

I'm looking forward to seeing him again. Not nervous, not reminiscent, just knowing that he is a kind and special person and will always be. Sometimes I get spells of regret and self-reproach. I still think he deserved better than what he got. But would I want to go back and change something? No. I'm happy with my situation. Less angsty. And I think slowly things are looking up for him as well.

I wonder if we still have something to say to each other.
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Fish! [Apr. 15th, 2008|07:05 pm]
Having survived my three weeks of military training without any major damage (besides putting on about seven pounds), I rewarded myself with a trip to my lion in Berlin. Good timing, for at least two reasons: he had turned 24 just the week before and we had the home all to ourselves, because his parents were on holiday. We celebrated his birthday on Friday with about a dozen other furs. I must say, I really feel very welcome among them; very warm and inspiring people. And while Friday was a wonderful birthday party, Saturday was a dinner to remember. Tabalon had invested countless hours of planning, shopping and preparation (and quite a bit of money, I presume) to amaze his friends with the richest and most authentic Japanese sushi dinner any of us probably (me anyway) had ever seen. He had bought more than eight pounds of fresh fish (raw tuna and salmon and cooked eel), but we also ate authentic Miso soup, Shrimp Tempura and a delicous dessert made of sweet red bean paste covered in sticky rice meal dough (Mochi). Eight people (Tabalon, Jumpy, Amur Ussuri, Laimika, Susi and Akuro from Frankfurt, MafunDi and me) sat at the table for hours, feasting on the fish, drinking excellent French wine and enjoying each other's company. In case you're reading this, Taba, Thanks so much, this was really a special night!
The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping, cuddling, making music and playing a boardgame with Kebi and Oli. The last night was short, as I had to be at the aiport before 6am, but there was still time for a bubble bath, so everything is good. ^_^
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Evil Twin [Feb. 14th, 2008|11:40 pm]
[mood |worriedworried]

Returning from my commuter train to the bicycle stand, I found that next to my trusty red bike, someone had parked the exactly same bike. Same model, same manufacturer, same colour. And he had locked it with a 4-digit number lock, just like mine. In fact he had locked BOTH of the bikes!

I have an evil twin >.<

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Mother's Pride [Feb. 8th, 2008|10:22 pm]
[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]
[music |Biffy Clyro - Living is a Problem because Everything Dies]

Yesterday was something of a "Mother's Day". I finally visited my mother at her workplace in Zurich. A small private school located in the parklike surroundings of the Swiss Epilepsy Clinic, with a terrific view on lake Zurich. She was proud and so grateful of the interest I showed that I felt almost awkward. Maybe I should have shown some more interest in her work in the past months.

Unbeknowst to me, at the very same time, my mate MafunDi had a talk with his parents. He told them all the things he had been afraid to tell them in the past few weeks: That he had a job, that he would miss his father's birthday because of an exam, and, most importantly, that he was in a relationship...

They took it well. His mother even guessed that it was me. I think she will take a bit of time to get used to the thought of maybe having no grand-children, but all in all she is tolerant enough not to have too much of a problem with it. Plus, I think she quite liked me when I was over at their place in January. (I scored some major Brownie points by importing Swiss cheese and wine, I guess).

Now all she's wondering about is "who is the woman in this relationship?" Mothers... *eyerolls*

I'm so proud of my lion for his courage. It was a big step for him and now there's nothing that separates us anymore (well, except from a few hundred miles). He'll spend 12 days at my place in about three week's time. Looking forward to that! *bounces happily*

In other good news, registration for the first Swiss Furry Convention, CH-on, opened yesterday. Check out our website: http://con.swissfurs.ch
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Angry Clown [Jan. 24th, 2008|01:51 am]
Me and my sister got yelled at by a clown today, for not laughing during his performance (which was lame) and asking a few critical questions in the interview afterwards. WTF? It was supposed to be a seminar on developing and strenghtening one's sense of humour o.o
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